St Michael’s Mount

St Michael led the army of God, defended Christians against Satan and is patron saint of high places. His Cornish home rises from the sea to gaze across Mount’s bay towards Penzance, oozing legend and tourist appeal in equal measure. St Michael appeared to local fishermen in 495. The rocks was used by the Giant Cormoran, eventually slain by giant Killer, and again by hermit Ogrin to buy dresses for Queen Isolde. It was also the scene of yet another of King Arthur’s incessant battles. St Michael’s is a plot of land entirely surrounded by myth.

The rock was certainty an iron age trading post for Cornish tin. A chapel is said to have been founded here by Edward the Confessor and later given to the celebrated Normandy abbey of month Saint Michael. One of the country’s most distinctive landmarks the mount, as it’s know to locals, has been in use since antiquity. It is thought to be mentioned ┬áin several classical texts, which, if true , would make it one of the earliest identified places in Britain and throughout Western Europe.

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