Liverpool is still an exciting place .Nothing in travel equals the approach to a city by water . A Distant ridge becomes a line of  buildings, which separate and acquire volume as they come closer. With the heave of a ship’s deck underfoot, they take on an added solidity. Of nowhere is this more so than of Liverpool’s Pier Head, Where stand the places of commerce known as Tree Graces.

Liverpool an extraordinary status as centre of cultural invention. The ballad portrayed it as a city paved with gold, though it was still gripped by decades of depression.

With the largest collection of museums and galleries anywhere outside of the Capital, Liverpool’s culture and heritage are at the very heart of the city





Gold Hill

The reason is that the street embodies ‘Ye Olde England’, a row of apparently tumbledown cottages with steep eaves and walls drapped in flowers. Each dwelling has its own personality, yet is part of a communal whole. Such townscapes convey a security, confort and good neighbourliness wholly absent from hard edged modern design. We can preserve these qualities from the past, yet seem unable to replicate them.

While such scenes are familiar in France and Italy, England offers few streets to equal Gold Hill’s Charm. The wall is massively buttressed and seems in perpetual danger of collapsing into the street.

From the top of the hill the line of cottages curves down a cobbled pavement. Though clearly medieval in origin, most have windows and roofs no earlier than the eighteenth century. Each is a composition in itself, a façade of stone or White wash and a roof thatch or tile. There is no clutter of modern vehicles or street furniture.

Seen from above, Gold Hill has a backdrop of countryside. Such backdrops, to many of my views, are critical to the composition. They are the Frames, The garlands, the adornments of the landscape



From its awe-inspiring cathedral to picturesque medieval streets and recreated Viking World all embraced by ancient city walls here at a glance are top attractions of this charismatic City, offer a panoramic view of the city looking across pantiled roofs and gardens to the Cathedral. York’s city walls make a great walking route. at 2 Miles (3.2Km) long, They take around two hours to walk and offer fine view. The Walk way was only constructed in Victorian times – allowing ladies and gentlemen to make an elegant promenade

The Shambles

Starts of the square and gives an immediate impression of what York must have looked like in the century,  This is one preserved and oldest medieval streets in the whole of Europe, although the shop fronts have been restored. The Shambles aren’t limited to souvenirs, Sweet -toothed,  toffe makers. Chocaholics can make for chocolate heaven, while savoury lovers shouldn’t miss Ye Olde Pie.
Yorkshire Pudding -have become the traditional accompaniment to that inconic English meal of roast beef, Roast potatoes and horseradish sauce, usually served onion gravy.

York’s Chocolate Trail

Information tourist office and follow York’s Chocolate trail, which maps out all things Chocolates. Think York, think chocolate; names like Rowntree’s and Terry’s, plus other Quaker families making confectionery, are deeply rooted in York’s social and industrial development. Follow the history trail and also visit themed cafes and individual Chocolate shops. The trail ends at York’s Chocolate story in king’s square

Viking Centre (life with the Vikings)

At Jorvik there are lots of activies for Children,in addition to the journey on the ‘dark ride’. They can also see the skeleton of Viking Killed in battle, handle replicas of tools and objects found in the original dig, and  use touchscreens to get a more in depth insight into the daily life of the Vikings in York.


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My three days in Barcelona

First day:

Sagrada Familia

Dedicated to the holy family and saint Joseph,this grandiose church is Gaudi’s master piece.The architect’s desire was that the church begun 1882 and still under construction,should be an expression in store of the christian faith.It’s unmissable if you want to understand this unconventional designer. Beautiful interior

Els 4cats

The decor of this old artists’ haunt, which opened in 1897 is unchanged since the young Picasso exhobited here for the first can find interesting breakfast and brunch menus at the GastroBar or stop in for a coffe break

Casa Batllo Gaudi

The greatest modernist architects,including Antoni Gaudi, did some of their best work here,attempting to outdo one another in ingenuity and imagination

Second day

Parc Guell

Intended by the entrepreneur Eusebi guell to be a garden city for the Catalan bourgeoise,Antoni Gaudi’s delirius creation was never completed the project was transformed into a public park.

The Park opens onto two peculiar mushroom – shaped buildings that have an air if fair tale. A staircase presided over by a “dragon”(actually a salamander) composed of ingenious mosaics leads to the hall of a hundred columns.The undulating roof is adorned with a fantastic mosaic composed of ceramic shards know as trencadis.Finish the tour of this magical park at the casa museu Gaudia where gaudi lived from 20 years


Mercat Santa Caterina

This oldest Market Barcelona has had an undulation roof in the form of a coloured mosaic of fruits and vegetables.Inside you enter the world of a traditional market,with food stalls and restaurants serving quality produce

My fantastic days in Barcelona


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The Thinker Musee RodinMy holiday in Paris

Exploring Paris

Paris has an inexhaustible wealth of thing to see and do. Here are some ideas for how to make the most of your time. The city is relatively compact,so you should be able to do most of your sightseeing on foot.

Galerie des Chimeres

Lurking between the towers are the famous gargoyles (chimeres)placed here to ward off evil. The grimacing gargoyles are not just for decoration.They channel the water off the roof. On a rainy day you can see it pouring from their mouths .A gargoyle look as if they are hanging on the ledge of the building, while the chimeras are the statues that are standing up.They both have gruesome expressions. This great gotic cathedral,founded on the site of Gallo- Roman temple,is a repository of art and history.It is also the geographical “heart” France

Eiffel Tower

light system makes the Eiffel Tower a spetacular night – Time sight. It sparkles like a giant Christmas tree for five minutes every hour from dusk until 1am.

Arc de Triomphe

Today the Arc is a local point for numerous public events top Champs – Elysees and along with the Eiffel Tower

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Pont Neuf



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Paris, City of light. City of romance and revolution. A foodie paradaise. A culture Lover’s Dream.Paris is all these things and more…