Borrowdale Yesterday

The glacial sweep of the Derwent from the height of scafell into a secluded basin and out through the Jaws of Borrowdale is the definitive Cumbria Landscape When bathed in sun, Borrowdale can see a secret paradise, But it is seldom a place for sunbathing. The dale has the heaviest rainfall in England and is better known for swirling mists, sheeting storms, icy drizzle and just the occasional, exhilarating, shaft of sunlight dashing here and there to illuminate its peaks. It is like a dark gallery in which masterpieces are lit by a random spotlight, one at a time

Somehow they survived the scouring of later glaciers and became the focus of almost every painting of this part of the lakes.

On a clear winter day, with blue sky and snow on the distant hills, we might be in Switzeland.

In the centre of the basin lies the village of Rosthwaite, attended by a glacial moraine. Green fields spread round it like water lapping the edges of the fells. To its right the lip of the basin be comes  This is officially England’s wettest spot. The whitewashed cottages of tiny Rosthwaite provide some of the most attractive accommodation in the region.

The Bowderstone  this giant stone is a rather peculiar but mesmerizing attraction, thought to have been transported here from Scotland via a glacier. You can ascend it by a wooder ladder




Borrowdale from Castle Crag



The Bowderstone, Rosthwaite











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