From its awe-inspiring cathedral to picturesque medieval streets and recreated Viking World all embraced by ancient city walls here at a glance are top attractions of this charismatic City, offer a panoramic view of the city looking across pantiled roofs and gardens to the Cathedral. York’s city walls make a great walking route. at 2 Miles (3.2Km) long, They take around two hours to walk and offer fine view. The Walk way was only constructed in Victorian times – allowing ladies and gentlemen to make an elegant promenade

The Shambles

Starts of the square and gives an immediate impression of what York must have looked like in the century,  This is one preserved and oldest medieval streets in the whole of Europe, although the shop fronts have been restored. The Shambles aren’t limited to souvenirs, Sweet -toothed,  toffe makers. Chocaholics can make for chocolate heaven, while savoury lovers shouldn’t miss Ye Olde Pie.
Yorkshire Pudding -have become the traditional accompaniment to that inconic English meal of roast beef, Roast potatoes and horseradish sauce, usually served onion gravy.

York’s Chocolate Trail

Information tourist office and follow York’s Chocolate trail, which maps out all things Chocolates. Think York, think chocolate; names like Rowntree’s and Terry’s, plus other Quaker families making confectionery, are deeply rooted in York’s social and industrial development. Follow the history trail and also visit themed cafes and individual Chocolate shops. The trail ends at York’s Chocolate story in king’s square

Viking Centre (life with the Vikings)

At Jorvik there are lots of activies for Children,in addition to the journey on the ‘dark ride’. They can also see the skeleton of Viking Killed in battle, handle replicas of tools and objects found in the original dig, and  use touchscreens to get a more in depth insight into the daily life of the Vikings in York.


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